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Νέο Triumph Tiger 800 XC και XR 2018

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Συντονιστής: dimchrist

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Νέο Triumph Tiger 800 XC και XR 2018

Δημοσίευσηαπό dimchrist » 07 Νοέμ 2017, 12:21

2018 Triumph Tiger 800 XC And XR


More Tiger in your tank.


On November 7th, 2017, Triumph Motorcycles showed updated Tiger 800 on/off road adventure motorcycles at Milan’s EICMA show, with a huge list of changes for each. Both the XC and XR models get engine changes, new electronics, new bodywork and other luxury and performance feature upgrades. It’s one of the most comprehensive updates to the 800, now in its ninth model year.


Triumph claims over 200 updates to engine and chassis, including a more responsive engine, a shorter first-gear ratio, new exhaust, new electronic rider aids, new instrumentation and switchgear, and new styling.

The engine is said to be more responsive. Triumph says “optimized,” but I think that means a shorter first gear and lighter exhaust system with a growlier (is that a word?) sound. Also, there’s a new riding mode for the off-road-oriented XR models – Off-Road Pro – for expert riders to have more control over rear-wheel traction in the dirt.


Chassis upgrades include new Brembo front brakes (the bottom-spec XR keeps the Nissins from last year) and upgraded suspension: Showa for the XR models, long-travel WP for the XC’s. WP – KTM’s suspension supplier – should lend the 800 some serious off-road cred.

There are also comfort, convenience and styling upgrades. There’s redesigned bodywork, a new five-poisiiton windscreen with adjustable “aero diffusers,” LED lighting, and new seat foam. You also get your full-color TFT display, up to six engine-mapping modes (depending on model) and backlit handlebar switches and even little joystick-like switch cubes to toggle through the various displays and menus.


We’ve always enjoyed riding the Tiger 800 – it really provides great bang for the buck and is fun to ride – so we’re eager to get our gloved mitts on the six different models (XR, XRx, XRx low, XRT, XCx and XCA) to see how they stack up against the competition. We don’t yet have information on availability and pricing.


-Higher-spec 800 XRx has a 19-inch, pavement-oriented front hoop.
-New bodywork keeps the 800 looking fresh.
-Five-inch full-color TFT display keeps the new Tiger owner informed.
-Off-road-leaning Tiger 800 XCA.

Triple Way
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Re: Νέο Triumph Tiger 800 XC και XR 2018

Δημοσίευσηαπό CK1 » 08 Νοέμ 2017, 11:16

Μικρές διαφορές αισθητικά (περισσότερο ανανεωμένο το λες παρά νέο μοντέλο). Μηχανικά φαίνεται αρκετά βελτιωμένο πάντως και πολύ καλά εξοπλισμένο. Αυτή η ρημάδα η TFT είναι κόλλημα...
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Re: Νέο Triumph Tiger 800 XC και XR 2018

Δημοσίευσηαπό Thodoris XCx » 10 Νοέμ 2017, 21:35

Αν ανεβαζαν και λιγο την δυναμη του μοτερ τοτε θα εχανα τον υπνο μου....
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Re: Νέο Triumph Tiger 800 XC και XR 2018

Δημοσίευσηαπό ehetlaios » 15 Δεκ 2017, 23:44

Thodoris XCx έγραψε:Αν ανεβαζαν και λιγο την δυναμη του μοτερ τοτε θα εχανα τον υπνο μου....

Οσο πρεπει δυναμη εχει πιστευω,ισως ειναι υπερβολικη η παραπανω για την κατηγορια
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